Why Do Some Kids Improve Their Game Faster?

One of the key observations we make as coaches is how some children improve their game & skills faster than others. And the truth is, it’s not always surprising. While training for 2-3 hours a week with a coach is certainly beneficial, the real magic happens with the work children put in by themselves in unregulated environments – when they’re playing football matches by themselves, practicing their favourite ‘trick’ moves with a couple of friends or even kicking a ball against a wall by themselves.

This time spent with the ball is invaluable and is the key to unlocking the children’s football talent. In a time where we are planning our kids’ busy schedules through most of the year, the summer holidays give us a chance to cut them some slack and let them ‘while away their time’.

That’s why we encourage parents to allow children to play with a football when a child’s friend comes over or even if your child just wants walk/run around the house with a ball (without breaking too many things! ūüėČ). While we may think they’re just goofing about, all that time with the ball slowly and steadily adds to their ‘skill banks’, if we may crudely call it that.

So if the kids are giving you a hard time, set them free with a football and some open space and let the magic unfold!