Football Summer Camps for Your Kids!

While summer holidays give children a chance to relax and unwind from academic pressure and school routines, they offer those who are truly motivated the opportunity to level up their game. For children serious about football, the summer holidays give them the time to:

  • Refine their football technique with double training sessions (morning & evening)
  • Improve speed, agility and endurance with fitness training
  • Build strength with functional training
  • Improve game understanding by watching high-quality football matches
  • Test their skills with practice matches, tournaments & leagues

But don’t believe us. Ask young Karim Benzema about the summer that changed him or 12-year-old Kobe Bryant about how he once went through Philadelphia‚Äôs Sonny Hill Future League without scoring a single point, and how they used their time to transform themselves.

This summer could be your child’s breakout season. And to facilitate that, we are happy to bring you two fantastic summer camps for kids:
1. Residential Summer Camp with FC Goa from 15-21 May 2023
2. Summer Camps in Mumbai at Cooperage, NSCI Worli, Bandra, Byculla/Mazgaon, Andheri & Mulund

If you’d like your children to unleash their inner Benzemas and Kobe Bryants by attending our summer camps, call us on 9819337766 or 9819227766 ūüôā