Those Who Open A School Door Close a Prison

This week, we joined millions of parents in Mumbai celebrating the reopening of schools after a gap of over 700 days (yes, read that again, seven. hundred. days.) – one of the longest school shut-downs in the world! Having spent thousands of hours on those dreaded screens, children will finally rediscover the joy of learning in classrooms with their friends.

Every school day missed over the past 2 years has resulted in twice the learning loss for children with many students retaining nearly none of their ‘online learning’.

Mentally, physically and socially, children have suffered the most. Anxiety, stress, depression and a drop in the ability to concentrate are rampant among kids today. At the same time, childhood obesity has shot up alarmingly because the children have been robbed of their open spaces, playgrounds and, most importantly, their real-life social networks, their friends. All this while malls, cinemas and restaurants are open… somewhere, our children and their learning have got left behind.

It is true that Covid has impacted all our lives in devastating ways. And, of course, nothing matters more than the well-being of our children. But can we continue to let fear get the better of us when the evidence, science and facts point to a new scenario? A reality where Covid and its variants will continue to live among us while we continue trying to adapt and live our lives.

Our children, whose voices have not been heard in decision-making, are saying ‘enough’. They are forgetting what they have learnt. They are missing their friends. Worse, they are questioning our commitment to give them what every childhood deserves – a right to learn and a right to play.

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