Providing Young Footballers Pathways to Progress

Practice makes perfect – about that there is no doubt. But what children who train regularly at football sorely miss is the chance to put their skills to the test. International coaches and football experts have regularly said that a key factor holding back the development of young Indian footballers is the lack of competitive football matches.

While children in India will play an average of 10-15 competitive games in a season, their counterparts in Europe, South America and Asia will play more than 40-50 matches per season. To bridge this gap, we have kicked off the Footie First Young Champs Program.

The best performing children are selected to the Young Champs Program from across our 20+ centres in Mumbai so that they can train and compete together regularly over the course of the season. More so, the children train under dedicated & well-qualified coaches who carry each of the age group teams through the year. The Footie First Young Champs Program has been designed to give gifted young footballers pathways and opportunities to progress on an accelerated track while playing a minimum of 30 competitive matches during the season.

Unlike our recreational training model, entry to the Young Champs Program is by selection only. This provides young footballers the chance to train regularly with similarly gifted peers, learn advanced techniques and compete as a team over the course of the season.

Some of the highlights of the program are:

  • Select children (girls & boys) within defined age groups
  • Form a group of gifted footballers within each age category
  • Train with a dedicated team coach throughout the season to ensure continuity and application of learning between training & performance in tournaments/leagues
  • Participate in high quality football leagues/tournaments in India & Asia & play 30+ competitive matches in a year
  • Exposure trips to India’s best residential football academies
  • Trials at India’s best academies residential football academies for best performers

If you would like your child to attend a trial for the Footie First Young Champs Program, please write to us at or call 9819337766 or 9819227766. Need-based scholarships are available to the program.