Online Football & Fitness Coaching Program

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While the lockdown due to the coronavirus has been a very tough time for everyone across the globe, at Footie First, we have tried our best to keep children and adults active and engaged. This unprecedented pandemic has forced us to innovate and improvise like never before. One of the ways our team at Footie First has adapted is by moving football coaching online.

In a pre-coronavirus world, the very term “online football coaching” would be scoffed at. To be honest, even we’d be skeptical of taking football coaching online. Like seriously, someone’s going to teach folks how to play football online?! Sounds absurd. But what COVID-19 has taught us is that extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures.

While playing football matches at online coaching sessions isn’t possible, there are definitely ways to help kids and adults improve football skills and fitness!

The Footie First Online Football Coaching Program

Our team of coaches have put together a fun yet incredibly effective program focused on these key aspects:

  • Ball Mastery & Control
  • Agility & Footwork
  • Core Work
  • Strength
  • Flexibility

Delivered through video and live coaching classes on Zoom, our coaches ensure clear communication with effective activity demonstrations, performance targets, close individual monitoring & correction of participants and motivation.

Age-Appropriate Batches & Activities

Our live online football coaching program has been tailored for 3 age groups:

  • 3 to 6 years old (Under 7 – parent/guardian assistance required)
  • 7 to 10 years old (Under-11)
  • 11 years & older (Open Age)

Separating players into these 3 age categories ensures that they are involved, active and sufficiently challenged to improve.

Online Football Training Schedule

  • UNDER 7: Mon-Wed-Fri 4 to 4.40 pm IST
  • UNDER 11: Mon to Fri 5 to 5.45 pm IST
  • 11 Yrs & OLDER: Mon to Fri 6 to 6.45 pm IST

Requirements for Online Football Coaching 

  • Minimum 25-35 sq ft of free space
  • 1 football (preferably size 4 or size 5)
  • High-speed internet connection for uninterrupted audio & video
  • Laptop / tablet / mobile phone screen with camera & mic
  • Assistance from an adult initially

Using the medium of football, our coaches will take your child on a journey of fun and fitness!

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